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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Foster Care Reform is Needed Nation Wide

Get Involved to help change the foster care system.There are 513,000 kids living in foster care across America. Now young people are banding together to make a difference for their peers who have suffered abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

People are thinking about ways the foster care system in America can be improved. One way would be to change the rules about how your state can spend federal money on kids in foster care. One thing we know for sure: your voice is needed to make people listen. Your story could change the way people look at the foster care system — and the kids in it. Foster Parents and youths need to come together. Write congress to make foster care  a national priority.

Why your voice matters
Every two minutes a child enters the foster care system. There is not a minute to waste. We must improve the foster care system for our peers. It’s critical for the the future of our generation and for the future of America.
Foster Parents also need support because they are not getting it from the foster care agencies.

Foster Parents and youths, both in and out of care, are being recruited to raise public awareness around the issues of foster care and to advocate for the resources needed to improve the system. FPA Foundation Inc  engages foster parents and  young people to take action in ways to help improve life for children in foster care






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Past Events & Projects
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​X-mas toy drive  and coat drive for foster children December 14th & 21th  2013

Foster Care Awareness Rally  May 18th 2012 at City Hall & A.C.S

Social Justice Program For Youths
Small talk Big Issues Program allows youths to shown passion and dedication in making media about social justices issues.Youths become trainers themselves to share their media skills, knowledge, and passions to other young people in the foster care system. 

FPA Foundation Inc Philosophy is that leaning should be fun, creative, and challenging, as well as relevant to the experiences of their students/peers. Young people teaching other young people how to tell their own stories, guides the work of FPA.

Small talk big issues is non-traditional learning and consists of hands on training and interactive sessions. There is no one right way to learn and there is no one way to teach. Together peer trainers and students learn together using their various styles. Do you enjoy media and teaching others and are between the ages of 14-20? email us unitedfosterparents@yahoo.com

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Foster Care Awareness Protest Rallies in the 5 boroughs  2012
Foster Care Reform Awareness Event May 3,2013-1pm-5pm
February 5,6, 2013-Foster Parents from the 5 boroughs went to Washington DC  to meet Lawless America and to speak to senators about  foster care agencies.
FPA-The People's Movement Members conduct outreach in the train station on MLK Day